We believe that nothing beats the combination of Flowers and Gifts. So we made them one!

At Flowers2Gifts, we’re committed in making the gift giving process, easy, convenient, and pretty!

Our Starting Grounds …

From mentor-mentee to business partners, We (Bryan & Lyra) founded Flowers2Gifts with the aim to bring you unique gift options by combining our expertise in flower arrangement and gift giving. Just like you, we love making our love ones feel extra special and just like you, our days and nights can be super busy and the remaining time left was to spend quality time with our special ones. 

So we’ve thought of putting together beautifully curated gift boxes with some floral touches, gift choices that you’ll never go wrong! From anniversaries, birthdays, any other occassion, or even for no reason at all, we aim to make gift giving simple, easy and memorable for you.

Bryan is the creative brains and the well-known florist behind Ohara Florist. He is also the genius behind the beautifuly crafted blooming gift boxes here in Flowers2Gifts.

I (Lyra) on the other hand, the woman behind Subic Bay’s leading gift and surprises services, Blushing Gifts where I have served hundreds of boyfriends, husbands, wives, moms, daughters, and many more in sending their gifts and pull off surprises whether their at home or abroad.


We believe that there’s a lot of reasons to celebrate! But giving gifts can sometimes be a headache. (Trust us. After helping hundreds of boyfriends send their love one gifts, we know this very well)

Our mission is to transform the world of boring, transactional, throwaway gifts. We seek the best suppliers and partners who take pride in their craft and products and our in-house creative genious (ehem! Bryan) curates our blooming gift boxes that will surely make your love one smile from ear to ear.

Finding reasons to celebrate you loved ones is easy, gifting should be too!

Designed to make a difference …

At Flowers2Gifts, we make a conscious decision to be part of the solution. That’s why we source materials and partner with local brands from our packaging, gift items, preserved flowers as our way in supporting the local economy. We also hand pick our gift boxes to make sure that they’re durable enough to be reused.